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Afghanistan Flood Emergency


Every year, Afghanistan’s monsoon season has a deadly start, bringing in flash floods throughout the north and west parts of the country.

As of Sept. 2, the country’s floods have killed at least 116 and left 150 wounded. There have also been reports of numerous people missing, including children, in four of Afghanistan’s provinces.


Over 50 percent of Afghanistan’s population lives below the poverty line. Nearly 5 million of the country’s people are severely food insecure, not having enough food to consume or even worse, not having access to food at all.

Your support gives them hope

Muslim Aid USA is working on a one-month, one-time intervention project to provide food packages to families affected by the floods in the Parwan province of Afghanistan. The beneficiaries we assist will amount to 340: 70 women, 70 men, 100 youth, and 100 children.

Muslim Aid USA is providing relief to the worst-affected 

Approximately 70 families (with an average of 5 individuals per family) will be identified before the implementation of the project. The income, size of the family, and housing conditions will be taken into consideration while identifying the families. The families with orphaned children and women-led households will be given priority, as they are the most vulnerable in their respective communities. The second priority will be given to families with the largest number of dependents (infants, young children, elderly, disabled), as well as smaller families with disabled or elderly family members. 

After identifying the families, a token will be issued to them so they are able to receive the food packages. The food will be procured from the local, wholesale providers who have ensured that they only provide the best quality of food.

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We aim to help the most deserving individuals who have been severely impacted by the floods. Throughout the duration of this project, all necessary steps will be taken to achieve the ultimate goal of our project in the best possible manner.

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