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Bangladesh Emergency

Nearly four million people have been impacted

By the recent flooding in northeastern Bangladesh.To make matters worse, millions more are being displaced due to the floods you read this. 

MAUSA is stepping in to do whatever possible to help assist with food and hygiene needs to flood-affected families — the biggest current urgency.

Men, women, and children in Somalia are dying — they need our urgent support.

3.5 million people are experiencing food insecurity.

The lack of rainfall and extremely high temperatures have destroyed crops and livestock, with local farming communities left without an income or food supply.

Somalia is one of the world’s most poverty-stricken nations, and only 42% of estimated cases of TB are detected. This leaves a huge number of TB cases in the community undetected and untreated, enabling further transmissions.

This is an emergency situation — your support can save lives in Somalia.

Your donations will also provide 800 families with:
Non-food items:

With your generous support for just $65 , families will receive

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