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Beirut Homes Rehabilitation

Help to Rebuild homes in Beirut

In 2020, Lebanon fought a pandemic, underwent political unrest, and then was forced to survive an unprecedented economic crisis. The country declared a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after the explosion on Tuesday that killed over 100 individuals, injured nearly 5,000 others, and left 300,000 homeless. These numbers rose by the hour as officials discovered further evidence and information.

Muslim Aid USA created a project to protect IDPs in Beirut from potential security and health risks, through the quick rehabilitation of houses damaged from the Beirut explosion. This project also helped lower the transmission rate of COVID-19 and other health risks related to the displacement. In addition, it lessened the pressure on host communities, rescues, and shelters in Lebanon.

Our team took a 4-day trip to Beirut, to oversee our projects that are assisting those affected by the explosion. Lisa reported back with live footage of the work MAUSA was (and continues) doing with local partners on the ground in Beirut, to help rebuild homes that were destroyed. We were able to help 100 households return to their homes by December 2020. The return allowed for more space in shelters and host family homes, for families unable to return home due to more extensive damage.

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