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Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Western Balkans is known for its natural environment and a cultural heritage derived from six historic civilizations.

Despite successes in recent years, such as a tourism boom, its people have struggled to overcome the impact of the war and genocide of 1992-1995 which shattered infrastructure and made Bosnia and Herzegovina one of the most impoverished countries in Europe.

About half of its population was displaced during the conflict. They lost their loved ones, homes and jobs. The impacts are still being felt. As a matter of fact, the displaced people have returned home to damaged hospitals ,schools, and scarce jobs. Unemployment, particularly for a disenchanted young generation, is rife and has given rise to high levels of crime and corruption. Women and children are particularly at risk from the dangers of poverty.

  • 50% youth unemployment rate
  • 18.5% live below the poverty line – around 640,000 people
  • High levels of children and young people unable to access education

How we are helping in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Muslim Aid has been providing aid and support in Bosnia since the end of the war in 1995. In 2007, our field office was established to manage aid and development programmes in the country. Since then, our priorities have remained:

  • The economic empowerment of women through training and skills development
  • Widespread access to education for those excluded by society and poverty
  • Building and sustaining the agricultural farming industries in order to bring back dignity and independence to locals

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are building a better future and we are committed to supporting them.

Last year, we provided:

  • Vegetable production training, greenhouses and technical farming support in collaboration with 20 municipalities. This supported 394 people to increase yields and household income for them and their families.
  • Pregnant animals and training in livestock rearing to 40 disadvantaged families, enabling them to breed cattle and produce dairy products for improved livelihoods.
  • Economically empowered 1,760 people in rural areas with jobs or self-employment.
  • Delivered emergency aid to 2,650 refugees, including temporary shelters, hygiene and clothing.

Where We Work

Last year, Muslim Aid worked in 29 countries, reaching millions of people