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Myanmar Emergency

Myanmar is the largest state in mainland Southeast Asia, rich in natural resources and an independent republic since the end of British rule in 1948.

Myanmar is regularly hit by flooding, cyclones and earthquakes. This region has also been affected by a long-running civil war. The people of Myanmar suffer chronic and extreme poverty. Despite large scale political reforms, violence has escalated in recent years.

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, have fled into neighbouring Bangladesh. Within Myanmar, there is a vast amount of displaced people from different regional ethnic groups all struggling to survive in dangerous inadequate refugee camps.

  • 70% of people live in rural and remote communities with limited resources
  • Some 150,000 people are displaced within Myanmar
  • 30% of children suffer from severe malnutrition
  • 124,000 displaced and conflict-affected children do not attend school

How we are helping in Myanmar

Many of Myanmar’s people are trapped and unable to reach their potential. They are in desperate need of food , sanitation , education and opportunities. We provide emergency aid to those displaced by conflict while also helping people build lives beyond the scope of survival. Last year, we provided emergency response aid to those caught in conflict and flooding. This included:

  • Shelter for 5,760 people
  • Food distribution to 1,000 families
  • Hygiene kits and awareness training to almost 7,000 people
  • Emergency relief aid to respond to the immediate needs of those who have lost everything and are vulnerable or injured.

For children growing up in the region, education is often denied due to lack of access to adequate or safe schooling. Children living in remote areas are even less likely to attend any form of school.
In Rakhine State we are providing children with access to quality education and improved nutrition and hygiene.
We have helped 4,650 children attend school and access healthcare. Our development programmes include:

  • Reconstruction and renovation of school facilities
  • School uniforms and learning materials
  • Teacher training programmes in partnership with UNICEF and the local government
  • Sports and leisure equipment
  • Sanitation systems for schools
  • School meals to ensure adequate nutrition

Alongside the ongoing tensions, Myanmar remains at risk from natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. Our emergency response teams remain prepared and ready to respond to the needs of those affected by natural disaster by providing:

  • Temporary shelter
  • Food packs
  • Hygiene kits
  • Clothing
  • Mosquito nets and medicines

In 2019, we started a rural development programme in Rakhine State. This aims to deliver long-term solutions to support communities. The programme is supporting over 3,200 households, including returnee families who had been displaced. Over 3-5 years, the project will contribute to:

  • Increasing access to, and quality of, inclusive educational facilities
  • Securing more reliable incomes through job training
  • Improving access to healthcare facilities

Where We Work

Last year, Muslim Aid worked in 29 countries, reaching millions of people