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Syrian Refugee winter distribution - Turkey

Syrian Refugees

Turkey remains home to the largest registered refugee population in the world, with over four million refugees and asylum-seekers now registered in Turkey. Nearly 3.7 million Syrians—including over 1.6 million children—are under temporary protection, 96 percent of whom live in host communities. After years of displacement, refugee families in Turkey remain highly vulnerable, particularly in the areas of education and child protection. According to UNICEF, nearly 12 percent of Syrian refugees live in extreme poverty and 59 percent in moderate poverty 1 . The situation for refugee children in Turkey remains challenging.

It is estimated that some 400,000 Syrian children remain out of school and face difficulties such as a lack of awareness of available services, language barriers, socio-economic obstacles, and drop out at the secondary school level. As a way to meet their basic needs, many vulnerable families resort to harmful practices such as engaging children in child labor and child marriage instead of sending them to school. Among them, orphans remain the most vulnerable group, lacking their primary breadwinner.

The region of Şanlıurfa is located on the southeastern border of Turkey, just 180 kilometers away from Aleppo. It is, together with Gaziantep, Hatay, and Istanbul, the main place of residence for Syrian refugees in Turkey, hosting more than 300,000 refugees and three refugee camps.

*1 UNICEF Turkey 2018 Humanitarian Results, December 2018

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