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Yemen Emergency

Yemen, a tale of rich history and one of the world’s oldest civilizations is now the face of starvation and deterioration.
The country is currently being discussed as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and where a civil war is taking place which is causing enormous conflict. This atrocity is hindering the development of more than 28 million people impacting their stability, and creating a health catastrophe.

The people of Yemen are facing multiple fronts of suffering: famine, disease, economic collapse, health epidemics and widespread violence. Five years of continued conflict have put more than 20 million people without food while a staggering 7.4 million people do not know where their next meal is coming from and are at risk of famine. An estimated 4.3 million people have fled their homes since the start of the conflict, including approximately 3.3 million people who remain displaced and 1 million returnees. Public services have broken down, only 51 percent of health centers remain fully functional and medicine and equipment are limited.

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