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Cow Donation – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cow Donation – Bosnia and Herzegovina

One in every three individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina live on just two Euros per day, and more than 50 percent of the population is unemployed. The country is going through a severe economic crisis, especially in rural areas — with nearly half of the rural population surviving solely due to agricultural and farming production.

Muslim Aid Sarajevo in partnership with Municipality of Hadzici will select 30 families through an open public call, to alleviate poverty and provide food security for families in Bosnia’s rural areas. The Municipality of Hadzici and MAUSA will invest in 30 pregnant heifers for the 30 beneficiaries selected.

This project will result in each family receiving milk and other dairy products, along with a steady and dependable income through sales of extra milk. Muslim Aid Sarajevo will provide a handbook and training on how to properly care forthe cow, and how to continue improving its health.

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