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Economic Empowerment – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Economic Empowerment

The natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina are characterized by unpolluted agricultural holdings, a large number of sources of clean water, diversity of flora species and favorable climatic conditions. On the other hand, although Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in natural resources, rural areas are several times poorer than urban areas. About half of the rural population mostly survives thanks to agricultural and farming production. 

There are many underprivileged families who own and have access to land but due to the economic reasons and lack of money or knowledge they are unable to pursue and achieve their interests. This diversity of flora species and unpolluted nature are ideal for beekeeping. 

This project will be based on the principle of co-financing. Muslim Aid will cover 40 percent, whilst selected beneficiaries will co-finance 20 percent of the total direct project cost. In addition, all beneficiaries will receive free professional advice by Muslim Aid agronomists for a period of two years. 

Beneficiaries will be empowered and motivated to maximize their own capacity with a view to enhance their own, along with the quality of life of the entire family.

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