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There are nearly 250 million children around the world, deprived of their right to pursue an education. Due to food insecurity, a lack of access to clean and safe water, poverty, and more — families have been forced to shift their priorities.

At the same time, it is access to education alone that allows families to find a way out of poverty, according to the United Nations International Institute for Educational Planning.

Education is fundamental for a brighter, more successful future for millions of vulnerable children across the globe. While it seems unattainable, your generous donations can change the circumstances.

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Education is a right for every single individual, regardless of age, gender, religion or race.

Our goal at MAUSA is to help give children and women the chance to learn, grow, and aspire to live a bright present and successful future.

If you support even one child in pursuing an education, you are empowering an entire community.