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May the peace and blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon you as
Ramadan approaches!

Are you saddened by the panic and frenzy over household items like soap, milk, paper and bread in our communities? While sickness is spreading, it seems awful that our neighbors will fight to collect these simple things that we have access to everyday…

But maybe
it’s a lesson we should pay attention to in Ramadan…

That panic and fear of getting sick, of dying, it’s a real fear that faces our
brothers and sisters struggling to survive around the world.

The pain of hunger
can drive families to do anything for their children…

Fatima has 5 children and lives in Beit Lahia in Northern Gaza.  
Her husband Osama has been fighting for his family’s rights to their land and lost both of his legs due to Israeli aggression against Palestinians at the border. 

Ramadan is coming and my husband is injured and we have five children. We don’t have anything to eat,” Fatima said. She was overjoyed to receive Ramadan food aid from Muslim Aid USA donors like you last Ramadan. “I’d like to thank the donors from the deepest bottom of my heart!

When you feed the fasting this Ramadan, not only do you send more food parcels to families in need like Fatima’s family in Gaza, but you help provide families the opportunity to participate in Ramadan worship.

You can help give more brothers and sisters the chance to grow during Ramadan too!

As we prepare to be our best selves this Ramadan, let’s start by preparing to feed more brothers and sisters in need.

Muslim Aid USA has already started these preparations to aim to feed thousands more families this Ramadan than the last.

It’s not too early to help reach this community
Ramadan goal!

May Allah (SWT) accept your fasts and your financial sacrifice to help those in need.