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May the peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon you throughout this blessed month.

Our Feed the Fasting program allows donors to send food packages to families suffering throughout the month of Ramadan. Oftentimes, these families don’t have enough food to even start or break their fast

This year, we are prioritizing widows and orphans.

Sithy Janeefa lives in Sri Lanka

she is a 39-year-old widow with two children and an elderly mother who she takes care of. After her husband died, she began selling baby clothing items, and has been struggling to make ends meet. When one of her children gets sick, or when she can’t afford business fees, she goes hungry… and sometimes, her children do too.

The cost of living is unbearable, and the whole family has been suffering,” said Sithy. “The dry ration provided is very useful to my kids and with the food items, I could feed all kids and have a proper Ramadan. I thank Muslim Aid for supporting us in this Holy month of Ramadan.

Sithy’s mother then added, “Thank you for helping orphans and planting happiness in their hearts. I pray that Allah bless and reward you for what you give.”

When you feed a fasting family this Ramadan, you are doing much more than just that. On a greater scale, you are providing the family with an opportunity to participate in more focused worship. You are also allowing them to bond more deeply with each other by not worrying about how they will get food on the table.

While we prepare for this coming Ramadan by creating lists of how to attain spiritual growth, let’s make sure to keep our fasting brothers and sisters in mind.

Their needs definitely deserve a spot on our list.