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Food Security-Gaza

Food Security-Gaza

Emergency relief distribution food basket to support injured people in Gaza.​

A series of measures implemented by Palestinian Authority since March 2017, following an escalation in the internal Palestinian divide, have led to a deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Gaza strip. Against the backdrop of 10 years of Israel’s land, air and sea blockade, these measures have exacerbated Gaza’s energy crises, resulting in increasing outages, worsened the salary crisis in the public sector, increased the shortage of essential drugs. These developments have impacted the availability of essential services and the livelihood of Gaza’s two million residents.

This project aims to respond the immediate needs of non-food items for those injured people’s families in Gaza Strip to cope with the difficult situation they face by distributing food basket.

400 Baskets will be distributed which include (Milk powder, Egg, Rice, Sugar, Corn oil, Canned meat, Lentil, Chickpeas, Beans, Date, Tomato sauce, Sesame Past (Tihini), Cheese, Frieka ,Olive oil and Juice Gallon).

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