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Fuel for Heating – Lebanon

Fuel for Heating – Lebanon

Distributing Fuel for Heating to Syrian Refugee Schools in Cold Areas.​

The informal Syrian educational schools are trying to cover the gap of capacity of formal schools, and stop the increasing of dropout rate. But the shortfall of fund makes the process so hard.
MA by the fuel distribution project helps these schools to overcome some of the financial burdens and improve the learning environment and mitigate seasonal diseases that put medical bill on school and parents and that’s the main reason of dropout where they surrender in front of the socioeconomical factors.
This project has great impact on the education environment, the warm classes will improve the quality of learning and decrease the dropout from schools and help the organization to spend more on curriculum and activities and mitigate winter diseases specially the students studying in a caravan.
The beneficiaries are the Syrian refugee students from all grades about 11000 students living in high cold areas, teachers and students’ families who are saving the cost of seasonal medication.

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