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Gaza Emergency

Gaza Emergency

Psycho social support for conflict and siege affected victims in the Gaza Strip.

Evidence shows a marked increase in trauma symptoms due to wars since 2006. It also shows the strength of Family Therapy methods in sustaining resilience by engaging the families and community in joint action to relieve symptoms to cope with traumatic events. The psycho social support project which was funded by Muslim Aid has provided trauma relief to 5215 direct beneficiaries.This program provided  psycho social support activities to victims of the ongoing conflict and siege that are not supported by other agencies. Especially for the children and their families who have faced the destruction of their homes, witnessed death through shelling, or have suffered injury to themselves, their families, neighbors or close relatives.

The Psychological Rehabilitation Team assisted these families to relieve some of the burdens, helped them to cope and live after the crisis. They also helped them attain some degree of normality in their lives.

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