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Haiti Earthquake Emergency

The death toll in Haiti has jumped up to 1,941 after the earthquake hit the country on Saturday morning.

With a magnitude of 7.2, the earthquake caused extreme damage and conditions are continuing to worsen.

Local officials say that countless individuals remain missing, and hospitals are overwhelmed with nearly 10,000 people who survived, but with severe injuries.

The earthquake, along with a tropical storm and new wave of coronavirus has completely knocked down health infrastructure. Thousands of Haitians are scrambling to find some sign of hope and help.

MAUSA is stepping in to do whatever possible to help assist with medical needs and providing clean water — the biggest current urgency.

Our team is partnering with Global Medics to send 720 Rainfresh Family Emergency Kits and 1,600 Purifier of Water (PUR) Family Emergency Kits to 2,320 families. Each kit will include a water purification solution designed as a holistic solution to solve the issues that families are facing, including waterborne illnesses.

With just $25, You Can Provide One Family Emergency Kit.

The primary component of the Rainfresh Family Emergency Kits is a Rainfresh Household Water Purification Unit. The water filter cartridges are designed to remove more than 99% of harmful bacteria and more than 99.95% of protozoan cysts from untreated water sources. This unit can provide families with clean drinking water for up to one year.

Each kit comes with a number of basic hygiene items to assist families in maintaining adequate sanitation, including hand soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

The PUR Family Emergency Kits use a powdered water purification technology that pulls dirt and other contaminants from unsafe water upon stirring. This process, called flocculation, allows debris to be easily strained out of the water using a cloth filter. Families are provided with enough sachets to purify water for 3-5 months. A food grade plastic bucket and a 100% cotton cloth are also included, ensuring that no extra parts need to be purchased. Hygiene kits are also added.

Please give all that you can to support the people of Haiti. Let’s work together to witness the comfort, contentment, and ease of our Haitian brothers and sisters.

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