Giving stock results in a larger donation with the gift being tax-deductible — there are no capital gains taxes to pay. Additionally, if your stock has risen in value since purchase, donating it directly is preferable. If it’s lost value, it may be more preferable to sell it first, then donate the profits. This way the giver can take the tax loss.  If interested and when ready, please email [email protected] to alert the team that a stock donation is being transferred.

We accept gifts designated for a specific purpose, as well as general stock donations that are undesignated. To ensure MAUSA’s capacity to honor a designated gift, please contact us at [email protected]. The most valuable gifts are not designated to a specific cause, further supporting MAUSA’s mission to serve humanity and provide aid to impoverished communities around the world. These gifts allow us to respond to where the need is most urgent, first. 

How to Donate Stock

Name of the stock to be donated

Number of shares to be donated

Charity name: Muslim Aid USA

Charity  account number: PLR004992

Charity  tax ID: 46-2504422

For any questions/concerns, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 866-60MAUSA(606-2872)

Director of Operations and Development
O: 866-606-2872 | C: 714-202-7861
Daud Mohmand