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People can’t live for longer than 24 hours without water. More access to clean, safe water means that more brothers and sisters in dire need may survive, plain and simple.

From building a water plant in Gaza to Community solar water wells in Yemen, you can ensure entire communities may have more clean water to drink for generations.

This year’s MAUSA Ramadan projects supported by donors like you will reach more communities with potable water, including:

Meet Sitthi Naseera and her family in Sri Lanka…

Sitthi Naseera is 50 years old and has 5 children and a grandson. The road to get water is long in her village, and they suffer during the dry season.

Relying on agriculture for food, when their water tanks dry up, they have to choose between water to drink and water to sustain food and livestock. She wiped the tears in her eyes as she spoke to Muslim Aid staff,

“Now we have plenty of water thanks to the well that was build by Muslim Aid. So we can use the well-water for drinking and eating. Before we used to live in very difficult conditions… And we are all very grateful.”