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Increasing Access to Prosthetics in Northern Syria through the Provision of Support to Bab Al Hawa Prosthetic Limb Clinic (NSPPL)

A report issued by Handicap International stated that as a result of the Syrian conflict “a shocking one million people have been injured, tens of thousands of whom need artificial limbs, orthopaedic devices, and long-term rehabilitation care.” 

While according to a medical source in Damascus some 1.5 million Syrians have lost one of their limbs or body parts as a result of the ongoing conflict in the country. This highlights the dire circumstances that many Syrians face.

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The fitting of a prosthetics to the disabled can have a life-changing impact on the beneficiary that receives it in normal circumstances. In a crisis affected area or warzone, these prosthetics have the potential to bring life and hope back to families who are living with next to nothing. They are not only giving the person back their ability to move but to work and contribute to their communities, potentially bringing life-saving income to a struggling family.  NSPPL provides artificial limbs free of charge to those who have lost their limbs, either as the result of the ravages of war, disease or simply the accident of birth.

In order to meet this demand both in terms of their number and the quality of the finished prostheses –aiming to create, through the 3 clinics, 2,200 limbs per year of which 1,680 in Bab Al-Awa. To do this, the clinics will have to significantly increase the number of staff (both technical and support) and purchase better quality resin to produce the limbs. The development plan for Bab Al-Awa clinic is mainly focused on the purchase and utilization of a Robotic Arm which will significantly increase the current production capacity of the centre.

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