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Kabul University Attack


At least 22 were killed on Monday Nov. 2 by gunmen who stormed into Kabul University, causing panic and fear throughout the entire country.
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The attack began shortly before the expected arrival of government officials for an Iranian book fair, and continued for several hours. A spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs said the attack stopped when three gunmen were killed. 

Video footage shows students running away from the site, along with the sound of gunfire in the back. Some students scaled walls in an attempt to escape. 

The attack on Kabul University took place a week after a devastating attack on an education center in the city which killed more than 40 young students, in a predominately Shia Muslim neighborhood.

Afghanistan has been shattered by decades of war which has created a massive humanitarian and human rights catastrophe. An estimated 1.7 million people have been killed and another two million permanently disabled. About 70 percent of recipients of humanitarian assistance are children and women.

In response to this attack, Muslim Aid USA is on the ground in Kabul, Afghanistan assessing the situation. We will be providing direct aid to the female students that were impacted by this attack.

Muslim Aid USA is commited to Afghanistan. We began by responding to the Gurdwara and Kabul Maternity Ward attack — and have now expanded our program to include Orphan Sponsorship, a seasonal feeding program, winter emergency relief, Parwan flooding, supporting the first fistula and burn victim center in Kabul, and more.

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