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Lebanon Emergency Appeal

Crisis in Beirut:

Lebanon is currently fighting a pandemic, undergoing political unrest, and now trying to survive an unprecedented economic crisis. The country declared a two-week state of emergency in Beirut after the explosion on Tuesday that killed over 100 individuals, injured nearly 5,000 others, and left 300,000 homeless. These numbers are rising by the hour and officials discover further evidence and information. 

The disastrous explosion has caused widespread damage reaching far past the outskirts of Beirut. Mothers have lost their children; children have lost their parents and siblings; loved ones have lost one another. Houses that took entire lifetimes to cultivate and transform into homes have now turned to ashes. At a complete loss of both emotional and financial support, the people of Beirut are more alone and in need than ever before.

Muslim Aid USA delayed the emergency launch to ensure proper needs assessment was made to make an impact based on the needs on the ground. Based on one of our partner’s findings we have determined that Shelter and Medical supplies will make the most impact to help the victims of this Beirut blast.


Our team along with Lisa Vogl, recently took a 4-day trip to Beirut, to oversee our projects that are assisting those affected by the explosion. Lisa reported back with live footage of the work MAUSA was (and continues) doing with local partners on the ground in Beirut, to help rebuild homes that were destroyed.

Although Lisa’s trip has come to an end, MAUSA’s work in Beirut, and our work as a community, is not over. There is far more we still need to accomplish. Lisa mentioned that the most difficult part of her trip has been meeting with Syrian refugees who fled war, leaving behind all of their valuable belongings to start a new life. As their quest to find a peaceful and comfortable life was finally ending with hope, they suddenly lost everything once again, in just the blink of an eye. What was once their safe and secure home that took years to find has now become a pile of broken cement and ashes.

For just $600, potential donors like you have the opportunity to rebuild an entire home in Beirut. While you may not be able to imagine losing your home in a matter of seconds, imagine having the power to give an entire home back to a family who did.

Our team at MAUSA prays that each one of us opens up our hearts and gives generously. Our brothers and sisters in Beirut need our help. May He accept your efforts and reward you with eternal goodness.

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