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Middle of Gaza

Middle of Gaza

Emergency Winterization support for IDPs

The project will address the needs of the most impoverished 250 families in Gaza, living in the most marginalized areas by providing them with winterization items. It also satisfies the urgent need of marginalized families for Winterization Emergency Support items to support families given the precarious humanitarian and economic situation as a result of Israel’s military assaults on Gaza. These attacks began on July / Aug 2014, adding to the crisis of imposed blockades and continued closure of the Gaza crossings since 2007.

The main intervention will focus on the Winterization Emergency Support in Al Zawayda village. The main goal of this project is to alleviate the immediate suffering of displaced families in Gaza through the provision of humanitarian supplies. The intervention is based on a needs assessment. The results are based on stakeholders in the zone, their points of view and experiences reflected in the project activity.

MA along with partner organizations will focus on immediate response through life saving interventions and/or preventing the further erosion of livelihood assets that affected communities in the targeted areas.

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