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Myanmar Emergency

Myanmar Emergency

Kachin emergency food packs and hygiene kits distribution to 1000 HHs.

The latest events including clashes near IDP camps and civilian compounds leaving civilians killed, injured, and trapped in active conflict zones. This has put a risk for the safety and immediate needs 0f over 2,000 civilians, especially for the most vulnerable among them currently confined in Awng Lawst, Sut Ra and Sut Ring Yang village, Tania Township, and Ma Wai village, Lainawng Hku area in Kmai sub-Township, Kachine State. Their lives are at risk and have repeatedly requested safe passage and access to  life-saving humanitarian assistance but continue to be denied.

Recognizing the urgency and humanitarian needs in Kakhine State, MA was called to provide quick emergency response to save  the lives of people being trapped or directly affected by the ongoing conflict between armed groups (KIA) and authorities in Kachin State.

 MA Emergency Food pack and Hygiene kit distribution project provided 1000 families  food and hygiene kits.

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