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Orphan sponsership

We encourage donors to choose an allocation of ‘Need is Greatest’. This allows us to sponsor the neediest children first. We do not allow donors to choose from pictures.

The Rainbow Family Programme supports orphan and needy children. You can specify that you want to support an orphan child at the time of making the donation. Please note that an orphan is a child who has lost their father or lost both their parents.

We will allocate a child to you within 2-4 weeks of receiving payment. You will be sent a Welcome Pack which will include details of the child and tips on how you can start communicating.

You can communicate through letter and email. Muslim Aid will also forward gifts to the child. Gifts facility may not be available in all countries due to security situations. Postage charge will be borne by the donor.

You can visit the child if prior notice is given and the country they live in is safe to travel to. It takes a lot of time to coordinate a visit and we will need you to contact the Rainbow Family team 6 weeks in advance. We will require you to fill out a donor request form and submit a background check. Once the request has been processed, we’ll contact the Rainbow Family team where the child lives to confirm the details of the visit.

The Rainbow Family Child Support Programme makes a long term commitment to children worldwide and support continues up to the completion of secondary school or higher education. If you cannot continue, please let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to transfer the child to a new donor.

A commitment of $45 per month provides regular support for a child and their family. There is a ‘Child Community Fund’ to which you can donate any amount. The fund supports projects that help children and their communities. Projects range from providing additional coaching or training to carrying out repairs on schools, constructing wells and latrines or building libraries and playgrounds.

You can also support the programme through donating to ‘Eid Gifts’ which children receive every year.

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