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Orphans – Afghanistan

Need for Humanitarian Support in this region

Orphaned children, specifically in the poorest areas of the globe, are perhaps the single most vulnerable population amongst marginalized communities. These children, who often reside in countries marred by war, violence, and excessive poverty, are at expressed risk of trauma-related disorders as well as numerous other obstacles across all aspects of livelihood. Afghanistan alone has approximately 1.6 million orphans and, therefore, there is an expressed need for humanitarian support in this region.

Muslim Aid USA provided integral support to orphan families across all of Afghanistan by:

In order to improve their nutrition, education, and both mental and physical health, 100 children were provided with their own dedicated field officer to facilitate the allocation of support services. Scholarship money was also distributed directly to the guardians of orphans on a quarterly basis. Additionally, children were provided with health evaluations and educational opportunities.

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