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Orphan children are considered to be more vulnerable compared to other children, due to lack of proper care, nourishment, and security. Children are the future, but for many, the future is uncertain. Even at a young age, millions of children’s lives are shaped by war, poverty, hunger, exploitation, abuse, natural disasters, and a lack of opportunities. This experience is even more distressing for orphaned children as they often experience the loss of support and comfort of family life and ultimately the loss of love and affection.

Throughout the world, the number of orphans is running into the millions and in countries where the social infrastructure is challenging, it is all too easy for the plight of young lives to disappear into the unknown.

Muslim Aid USA has created an Orphan Sponsorship program that allows donors to support orphans all over the world. In 2020, 23 orphans were sponsored in India, and further encouraged to reach their full potential. We provided the guardian with the financial and material support needed in order for their children to receive the essentials required to go to school and receive an education. We also ensure the sponsored orphans receive food, healthcare, medical shelter, and the loving care that any child needs.

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