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Qurbani – Ethiopia

Qurbani Meat Distribution

Muslim Aid USA’s Qurbani program has distributed meat as charity food to impoverished and needy Muslim families in Ethiopia for the last three years. We have distributed 300 Qurbani units to 340 households on behalf of MAUSA donors in order for beneficiaries to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, allowing families to enjoy their holiday. Our efforts also protected low-income families not to be forced to look for a loan to cover meat costs for Eid. 

Project Title: Qurbani 2020

Project Location: Gerbiber, Misrak Silti, Silte, SNNPRS, Ethiopia

Project Goal: to make low-income families happy at the time of Eid Al Adha Festival days like other financially capable families who can slaughter animals at their home

Project Objectives: To reach 340 impoverished families during the time of Eid by providing sheep meat, which they could not have except through aid. To make Eid Al-Adha enjoyable among the 1700 family members of the principal beneficiaries. To protect low-income families not to be forced to look for a loan to cover buying meat costs for the Eid.

Expected Outcomes (Short and Long term)

Short Term: 1700 families of the project area secured meat for their EID festivity, which is traditionally dishonored not to have meat during EID days. Beneficiaries of the project saved from debt that might happen due to the purchasing of meat on credit. Beneficiaries’ meager earnings diverted to providing other essential instead of incurring to afford costs of meat. 

Long-Term: Since the project by its nature is periodic, and its outset, long-term outcomes were not considered.

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