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Qurbani Meat Distribution

Qurbani meat Distribution

Qurbani meat distribution.

MAUSA and a partner organization have carried out the Qurbani 2018 program and distributed meat as charity food to  impoverished and needy Muslim families. We have distributed 2,310 Qurbani units to 11,550 individuals on behalf of Muslim Aid USA donors to poor Muslim communities and provided fresh meat of Qurbani to poor beneficiaries to celebrate Eid Al Adha. MAUSA also provided cash assistance. 

The program was carried out under strict supervision by our field staff to ensure that the slaughtering process is in accordance with the program guidelines. Qurbani units  were distributed to the following 15 countries :

Indonesia (50) | Myanmar(178) | Cambodia(43) | Philippine(10) | Bosnia(10) | Pakistan(50) | Bangladesh(50) | SriLanka(50) | India(1099) | Afghanistan(50) | Palestine(25) | Yemen(169) | Somalia(453) | Lebanon(10) | Syria(63)

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