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Sikh Community Emergency Appeal

Sikh Community’s Emergency Appeal

In March of 2020, terrorists targeted and killed 25 worshippers in a Sikh Gurdwara [temple] in Kabul, Afghanistan. This attack claimed the lives of innocent women, children, and elderly individuals and inflicted profound trauma on those who survived. In addition to the excess strain of COVID-19 lockdown procedures instituted throughout the region, this tragedy has imparted even further psychological reverberations across Afghan’s Sikh community.
In demonstrating solidarity with the victims of this disaster, Muslim Aid USA, in partnership with Bayat Foundation, will provide much needed financial aid to approximately 31 Sikh families directly impacted by the previous attacks in Kabul. In particular, this aid will benefit the widows, children, and other family members of the victims and will also support survivors of the attacks suffering from both physical and mental wounds. Following both the distribution of funds to affected families in April 2020 and the projected easing of lockdown procedures, phase two of the relief effort will constitute the provision of aid to remaining beneficiaries.

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