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Syrian refugee’s Tents

Syrian Refugee Tents

Insulation of 1000 Syrian refugee tents in Beqaa Area.

Seventy-three percent of households lived in residential buildings – either regular apartments/houses or in concierge rooms –while 9% lived in non-residential structures, such as work sites, garages, farms and shops. Seventeen percent occupied improvised shelters within informal tented settlements .
Refugees are missing the shelter that protect them from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. This has negatively impacted the health of the refugees. In addition, there is a lack of privacy between the tents because of the semi-transparent material used to build the tent.The insulation material will cost 300 dollars for 1000 vulnerable Syrian refugee households. This material keeps the heat inside the tent in the winter and cool air in the summer. The  insulation also prevents heat leakage .
This project addresses one of the biggest problems facing the refugees in Lebanon, who are being forced to live in slum camps hastily built that do not provide the minimum standard of long term shelter . It does however have a long-term sustainability because the insulation material can be used for 10 years and its impact stays the same.

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