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Transitional Shelters – Lombok

Transitional Shelters – Lombok

Transitional Shelters for earthquake affected populations in Lombok.

Lombok Island has a population of 3 million scattered across hilly and mountainous terrain. With the wide spread decimation of whole community infrastructure (in an already difficult terrain), the need for sustained and targeted support has been magnified.

Muslim Aid has already provided a large-scale humanitarian response, focused on ensuring the immediate needs of the affected population are met. Distribution of water, food, hygiene kits, family kits and basic shelter kits have been completed over the last few weeks. However, based upon our continued assessments and reassessments, IDPs require shelter support as many are still living out of either small tarpaulin-based shelters or large communal shelters. We have provided 155 IDP families access to culturally appropriate shelters. In addition, we have strengthened the knowledge base of practice in earthquake resistant housing and mitigation.

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