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Muslim Aid Minnesota response

Muslim Aid USA has been monitoring the current situation within the United States, we have partnered with Matter which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota to provide immediate meals to 10,000 children in Minnesota who are trapped in the current chaos. We need to raise $20,000 to provide meals to children via Matterbox.

“The world has witnessed our Minneapolis community suffer from a week of tragedy, injustice, and devastation. The children in this neighborhood are those who will suffer the most. three of the largest community grocery stores have been burned this week which has created an immediate food insecurity for the community.

Muslim Aid (MA), as an institution committed to serving humanity, will participate in this global effort to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities both in the United States and globally. MA is mobilizing its committed staff, partners, and volunteers and utilizing its strong relationship with communities and governments built over its three decades of service to support this global effort.

MATTER is located on the same street where this tragedy has developed, and we’ve worked for decades with partners to help this needy community. The urgent request now is for food for Minneapolis kids. From our discussion with community organizations, have an urgent need raise $20,000 to provide 10,000 meals to the children in Minneapolis through the MATTERbox program. The MATTERbox meal kit provides nutritious meals along with recipes and video instruction for how to prepare healthy meals in the home. The MATTERbox snack kit provides healthy ready-to-eat snacks with nutrition education on how to snack healthy.

Thank you for considering our urgent request for food. Your generous support will help us show the children of Minneapolis that love can conquer hate in our world.

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