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Uyghur Refugees


Over the last three years, nearly 50,000 Uyghur Muslims have found refuge in Turkey for safety.

Having fled horrific human rights abuse, the Uyghur refugees are now living in unstable conditions in a foreign country, with no guaranteed accommodation, work, or support.

Donate now to provide medical care, food packages, and legal aid.

This Ramadan, MAUSA is stepping up to assist the Uyghurs in Turkey. We will be working to provide them with safety, shelter, and nutritious meals — not only throughout the month of Ramadan, but beyond that.


Our team has increased the number of countries we will be providing food packages to this year, with a sum total of 23, including Uyghur refugees, Rohingya refugees, and Syrian refugees.

We will be prioritizing Uyghur refugees, widows, and orphans.

For just $55, you can feed a Uyghur refugee family of five for the month of Ramadan.

For $1,200, you can provide rent for a Uyghur family of five, for an entire year.

Let’s make their battle our own.

We can do our part to make a difference in their lives, providing them with the basic rights that are being taken away from them.

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