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Uyghur Refugees


Turkey is now a refuge to one of the world’s largest Uyghur refugee populations: nearly 50,000.

Unfortunately, the Uyghur in Turkey were forced to flee from their homelands due to abuse, and the global pandemic did not make that transition easier. In fact, it has had detrimental effects on the Uyghur, both physically and mentally.

For the past few months, MAUSA has stepped up and committed to assist refugees who have arrived in Turkey, providing them with safety, shelter, and nutritious meals.


You can help make a difference.

Donate now to provide medical care, food packages, and legal aid.

For just $55, you can feed a Uyghur refugee family of five for one month.

For $1,200, you can provide rent for a Uyghur refugee family of five for an entire year.

If we put our hands together as a community, Insha’Allah, we will be able to provide the Uyghur in Turkey with the basic rights that are being taken away from them, including safety, shelter, and food.

Since this past Ramadan, MAUSA has raised over $250,000 for Uyghur refugee families in Turkey, and with your support, we are determined to raise even more.

Let’s make their battle our own.

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