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Vegetables in Greenhouses – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vegetables in Greenhouses – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Income Generation Through Growing Vegetables in Greenhouses​

In B&H, Agriculture contributes 10% of GDP and 21% of overall employment. Industrial companies in B & H are, in most cases, destroyed by war or bad post war privatization, so agriculture and livestock breeding are good ways to reduce poverty. In addition, Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by fragmentation of land holdings (Federal Institute for Development Programming, 2005). 

This is one of the main reasons why agricultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina should be based on the principle of “smart farming”. In order to help poverty alleviation this project will support young unemployed persons, parents of children with disabilities, single mothers and women from underprivileged families and other people in need. Beneficiaries will be selected in cooperation with municipalities’ representatives. Project beneficiaries will be selected based on their employment status, monthly income and number of family members. 

This project ensures sustainable support for 400 families from twenty municipalities

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