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Water Well – Ethiopia

Water Well – Ethiopia

Providing access to water supply and sanitation and the adoption of good hygiene practices to provide equitable and sustainable health and well-being of communities.

According to the recent assessment report on access and sanitation situation in Ethiopian nearly 39 million Ethiopians, most of them in the rural areas, do not have access to safe water supply; close to 48 millions of them lack access to basic sanitation. Diarrhea is the leading cause of under 5 mortality in Ethiopia, causing 23% of all under 5 deaths (73,341 children per year); millions of people are subjected to WASH-related diseases as a result of recurrent droughts and health emergencies resulting from poor sanitation and hygiene.

Muslim Aid USA donors have is constructed 29 water wells to access pure and safe water through developing Hand Dug Water Wells, Spring Development and Distribution Water from limited water points, to create awareness and improve hygiene and sanitation practice in the target district and to create synergy among the community and local government to mobilize resources in the area and bring about effective coordination.

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