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Winter Distribution for Rohingya – Bangladesh

Winter Distribution for Rohingya – Bangladesh

Almost 40% of the population of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh shelters are over 50. A considerable number of children are also among the refugees. According to UNICEF, about 20% of Rohingya refugees are between 5-12 years. They also have a good amount of lactating babies and men and women over 65. They are very much prone to cold-related diseases like fever, cough, asthma, and pneumonia.
Children are the most vulnerable to cold. Undeniably they need to be safe from severe cold to be safe from these ailments.
Last year in Cox’s Bazar, the temperatures dropped overnight 12 degrees. Though it is far from freezing but cold enough to get the refugees crippled with cold stricken illness as they are used to living in a tropical environment. What makes it worse is there living conditions; most of them live in tarpaulin tents on the bare ground, which intensifies the cold.
Muslim Aid USA is distributing warm clothes to Rohingya refugees living in the camps.
Provide the following items in the Winter Kits:
Cloth Sheet (Chador) for Male.
Cloth Sheet (Chador) for Female.
Sweater for Male: Size-(3-8 year child)
Sweater for Female: Size–(3-8 year child)

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