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Winter Distribution In Gaza

Winter Distribution In Gaza​

Based on the vulnerability assessment, Al Shoka area and Hai Alhashasheen area in Rafah Governorate have high scores in the total vulnerability that includes economic, environmental, protection, education and health sectors.
This project has been developed following the emergency humanitarian needs and emergency that emerged due to the winter season that hits the area nowadays. As in recent years, the storm water flooded many areas in Gaza. Particularly, many houses were sunk to different level of floods in several areas in south of Gaza strip. Therefore, a quick response to humanitarian needs of Gaza people is very urgent and significant. Particularly in the winter season as many vulnerable families suffers from public health problems, connected to the poor preparedness amongst natural events.
From protection and livelihood point of view Based upon the rapid assessment in the targeted areas “Al Shoka area and Hai Alhashasheen area” in Rafah, Southern governorate of Gaza Strip, four FGDs were conducted.
The project aims to respond to the urgent needs of most vulnerable communities and families in the targeted areas, through targeting about 230 families who are affected by poor preparedness to the cold weather of winter season.

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