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Winter Emergency – Jammu-Kashmir

Winter Emergency 

Jammu and Kashmir has experienced a protracted territorial conflict that dates back to the colonial period and  the  independence  of India  and Pakistan  in 1947. Both India and Pakistan lay competing claims over Kashmir and have clashed militarily several times. Since the 1980s,  the  Kashmir  Valley  has  been  racked  by violence  caused  by  an  anti-India uprising;  a  consequent  counter  insurgency  by  the  Indian  military  and  ensuing militant counterattacks. 

The dispute over the region; mostly over the 22 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, has continued for more than six decades. Since the 1989 insurgency, it is estimated that at least 70,000 have been killed and 8,000 have disappeared. Many have suffered injuries, lost family members, or have had relatives either detained.

The ongoing, extremely harsh winter only added to the hardship of local communities.  Every winter, the entire valley is covered with a blanket of snow. In response to the difficulties the people of Kashmir have been facing, Muslim Aid USA distributed winter kits to those in need, in order for them to face the extremely harsh and prolonged winter season in Kashmir.

Muslim Aid USA distributed large size blankets and gloves — 2 pairs per family —  to 250 families (approximately 1,500 individuals).

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