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There is no doubt that when a community suffers,
the women of that community suffer most.

Unfortunately, women are often left widowed and forced to become the sole providers for their families. This situation is made even more difficult due to a limited female presence in the job market. Women in rural areas also have limited work experience and education.

It becomes our responsibility to help provide these women with the opportunities and resources they need in order to grow, and find relief.

Muslim Aid USA has developed several projects that prioritze the need for and access to womens’ education, health, safety, and livelihood.

This month, our team is working to build the first-ever hospital for women in Senegal. This facility will help provide proper resources to aid in child delivery, pre and post-natal care, and the treatment of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. Our hope is for women to feel comfortable and safe when seeking medical care.

We are also building a similar treatment center (fistula) in Afghanistan, to help treat cancer and burn victims.

According to the World Health Organization, globally, 1 in 3 women will experience some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime.

Through our Women Empowerment programs, you will have the opportunity to protect our sisters from gender-based and domestic violence in both the U.S and Somalia.

You will have the ability to make a difference in their lives and bring a change to not only their future, but the future of female generations to come.