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Yemen Emergency

Yemen Emergency

Being one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, Yemen has survived decades of conflict and disaster and suffers from one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The violence in Yemen has displaced over 20 million people, pushing millions towards poverty, insecurity, and famine.

Without external support, this large-scale famine can impact even more people, including children and expose them to acute malnutrition. In this state of emergency, the country cries for help and needs your assistance.

Yemen Needs Your Humanitarian Assistance

MAUSA strives to provide continuous aid to people in Yemen to promote their access to nutrition, healthcare, shelter, and livelihood. In this ongoing crisis, your generosity can be an anchor for the displaced in Yemen and give them hope for a better future. Your donations will help MAUSA deliver:

Food and Nutrition

Many cities in Yemen have been affected by the war that has forced people to live in difficult conditions. As a result, they lack basic necessities, exposing them to starvation and malnutrition. In the city of Abyan alone, at least 195,000 are starving and urgently need your aid. MAUSA delivers food baskets, emergency parcels, and nutritional meals for families, widows, and orphans and helps them get enough nutrition to avoid malnutrition. You can provide a food pack for a family for as low as $20.

Clean Water and Sanitation

The underserved communities in Yemen, including women and children, travel long distances to fetch water for their daily activities, that too unsafe and unclean. To provide relief, MAUSA works on the ground in Yemen and provides solar-powered water wells as a source of clean and fresh drinking water for the community. This also contributes to maintaining public health and assisting people in developing safe practices. By donating $8000, you can provide safe water for a whole community.

Healthcare and Medical Aid

Not having access to basic healthcare exposes people in Yemen to many life-threatening diseases. Half of the healthcare facilities are barely functional due to limited resources. For only $50, you can help MAUSA provide medical supplies to ensure that every vulnerable in Yemen receives medical aid through your generosity.

Donate Now to Save Lives in Yemen

Yemen is already an impoverished country with poor infrastructure and a worsening economy. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has affected the healthcare system even more, making the living conditions hard to survive.

Your support can save the country from collapsing further and help people take control of their lives. The Almighty has made you a source of assistance for the needy by blessing you with enough. Join hands with MAUSA for a good cause and help us save lives in Yemen.

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