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Yemen Solar Water Project 60 to 70Mt deep

Yemen Solar Water Project 60 to 70Mt deep

As Per guidelines of the Ministries, a licensed engineer must be available alongside project coordinator of implementing partner (Muslim Aid Partner on the ground) to visit potential sites to properly examine water longevity and tests for safe drinking. To locate the wells, Yemen Aid works in close collaboration with the responsible government authorities that are authorized by Yemen Government and Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. Additionally, engineers also put input on location for field study.

Project Goals

The projects aims to provide safe drinking water for the residents of the region who live in a number of villages at a reasonable economic cost, and this will contribute to reducing the suffering of women and children in bringing safe drinking water and providing them with greater opportunities where children are able to participate in schooling and women in raising children and practicing domestic work. The project will contribute to maintaining public health and achieving the goal that the organization has supported towards intervention of clean water access.

Site selection criteria

Project Description per Each Well

Project outputs and benefits

Photos video will be provided to the donor

The final report is to be accompanied by professional grade photographs and videos. The final completion report will be shared with the donor, Name /Names of the donor/donors will be placed on the community water wells as per the donor request

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