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Desalination Water Plant in GAZA

Desalination Water PLANT in Gaza

Improving drinking water supply in schools and kindergartens to vulnerable communities in Gaza.

Desalinated drinking water is provided by public institutions in the communities (by CMWU), in schools/DES (by MoEHE) and in hospitals and health centers (by MoH). CMWU, MoEHE and MoH lack the capacity to provide maintenance of their desalination plants or installed a new unit. The impact of power shortages due to the current electricity crisis and shortage of fuel to operate generators   has resulted in reduced quantities and quality of water. This has forced them to rely on humanitarian actors’ support to conduct emergency repairs and maintenance using the available materials in the local market.

The main objectives of this project are to reduce the risk of consumption of contaminated water by supplying potable water in schools and health centres and Improving water conservation and public health in the targeted schools and health centres to 85,000 people living in the area. The project installs 51 desalination units with a minimum capacity of 5000 liters/day, operated with power generated by solar power cells; one unit will be sufficient to serve people in the target facility.

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