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Ethiopia Education

In Ethiopia, the gross enrollment rate in lower secondary education is only 44 percent for both girls and boys combined

with many still unable to complete their education. Only 54 percent of students stay enrolled in school past Eighth Grade.

Ethiopia’s school system is structured so that the primary school cycle lasts six years, lower secondary lasts four years, and upper secondary lasts two years. The country has a total of 21,418,000 students enrolled in primary and secondary education with only 16,200,000 of them (76%) enrolled in primary education.

Give These Youth the Quality Education They Deserve.

MAUSA is working with partners on the ground in Ethiopia to help build 12 classrooms in three secondary schools. These schools are located in the Gedebano Gutazer Wolene District of the Gurage Zone.

This project is designed to expand existing high schools that are unable to keep up with the number of students being enrolled each year. Additional classrooms will be built to solve the major constraint in selected areas, further creating a greater accessibility to secondary education and minimizing the number of school dropouts.

This expansion project is demand-driven and based on data available regarding the students-classroom ratio.

With your generous support, MAUSA will have a direct impact on 636 beneficiaries and 3,643 indirect beneficiaries.

Let’s put our hands and hearts together to give these youth the quality education they deserve. Together, with generosity, determination, and His (swt)’s Mercy, we can build a bright and beautiful future for these young boys and girls.

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