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Unemployment and poverty levels remain high. With economic growth being insufficient to absorb the youth population entering the labor force, the unemployment rate among the working-age population rose from 47 percent in 2002 to 54 percent in 2013,79 with the unemployment rate among the youth population80 standing at 48 percent.81 Approximately 73 percent of the population lived on less than USD 2 per day, with the poverty incidence in rural areas standing at 80 percent against 61 percent in urban areas in 2013.82 83 Poverty in Somalia is linked with lower access to services, poorer educational outcomes, and weaker labor market outcomes. For example, 9 in 10 rural households are deprived of access to an improved source of water.

All these problems have put Somalia and its people in a very critical living condition wherein every year Somalia is in an emergency and its people in need of humanitarian assistance.

We will support 2000 families with the use of the Genius Tag (GT) voucher system. This is the first time Somalia office will be using such technology and have selected four regions to trail this new system.

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