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Support Orphan Families

Support Orphan Families

Orphaned children, specifically in the poorest areas of the globe, are perhaps the single most vulnerable population amongst marginalized communities. These children, who often reside in countries marred by war, violence, and excessive poverty, are at expressed risk of trauma-related disorders as well as numerous other obstacles across all aspects of livelihood. Naturally, children in this situation are malnourished, in desperate need of health services, and are unable to attend school or obtain any kind of formal education. Such hardships only further traumatize these young individuals who have already endured more than their share of difficulty. Afghanistan alone has approximately 1.6 million orphans and, therefore, there is an expressed need for humanitarian support in this region.

Muslim Aid USA will partner with Heal the Children’s Future Organization (HCFO) to the extent of providing various forms of integral support to orphan families across Afghanistan. This program will involve a total of 20 direct and 80 indirect beneficiaries. The most vulnerable individuals will be identified using such factors as family income and size, housing conditions, and health status. In order to improve their nutrition, education, and both mental and physical health, each child will be provided with their own dedicated field officer to facilitate the allocation of support services. Scholarship money will be distributed directly to the guardian’s of orphans on a quarterly basis. Additionally, children will also be provided with health evaluations and educational opportunities. For purposes of evaluation and to ensure orphans are receiving the full extent of their sponsorships, a detailed annual report will be developed over the course of the program.

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